In A Place Where

It doesn’t matter
If you don’t know who I am,
Or anything of what I do,
It doesn’t matter
What you think is yours to take,
Because it will never belong to you.

And I will keep on working,
From a place where my breath is born,
Where my labouring heart
Bears the fruit of sorrows and joys,
Where a restless wind
Soothes my stirring soul,
A place where the dainty glimmer
Of red poppies in a meadow,
Hidden between feathery strands
Of honey-coloured grass,
Lifts my spirit up to the sky,
In a captivating dance of delight.

You don’t need to know who I am,
You can’t take that which you cannot feel,
And I will keep working steadily,
In the silence of this treasured place,
Where I can breathe,
And I can dream,
Where you can never
Know me.

© S.C. 2015

Photo: 35mm film