Morning notes

My favourite time of day is the early morning. It’s a time when you can be alone with just your thoughts and the sound of birds singing for company.

As the sun rises (and if the weather’s good) you can watch the sky light up in swathes of pink, orange and red before it turns into an expanse of dazzling blue, seemingly instantaneously. Sometimes, I feel like God is working a paintbrush, dipped in watercolours, across the sky.

Last week, at the end of an early-morning meander, I saw these starlings (and a few pigeons) having a grand old time taking a morning bath in the sunshine. The water droplets were reflecting the sunlight so they looked like diamonds floating over their feathers.

If you listen closely, you can hear their feathers fluttering. It’s as if they’re playing a drum roll (albeit a very soft one!) accented with splash cymbals to herald a new day. I don’t think the swan was too impressed, but hey…you can’t please everyone!