Feathery Notes

The rough and tumble of life can be disheartening, but don’t let it steal the softness in your heart. That’s what I thought when I saw this little feather tumbling along the ground. Despite the roughness of the gravel, it just kept bouncing along in a merry defiance.

A little while after seeing this, I went to buy some groceries and a lady was asking the cashier if anyone had handed in some money that she’d lost earlier that day. The cashier looked at her, somewhat incredulously, and replied that it was unlikely that anyone would hand it in even if they found it.

The lady replied, “There are good people in the world. Someone might hand it in.

Just like the feather, gently making its way across rough terrain, there are people who manage to protect and keep the softness in their heart, despite having to weather the harshness of the world around them. There are people in this world who value kindness and gentleness in themselves and others. They don’t see these characteristics as weaknesses.

Sometimes, it’s the soft and gentle hearts that display an extraordinary tenacity and strength of will. They’ll just be so quiet about it that you might never notice.

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