There is an understated beauty in overcast days. It feels as if the world has been wrapped in a luxurious woollen blanket that subdues the noise of everyday life.

This wonderful row of trees seems to be beckoning you and saying, “Look up, look up! Look at all the variations in colour and texture. There’s an unusual beauty within these layers of grey!” The rustling leaves are like mini tamborines clamouring for your attention.

Seeing this reminded me of the beauty in people that may be unappreciated at first glance.

It’s in the presence of the person who comforts you when you feel lost. It’s in the words of the person who happens to say just the right thing that you need to hear. It’s in the hands of the person who holds your hand when you’re afraid. It’s in the heart of the person who loves even when they’ve been forgotten.

If you are patient, you’ll see a different kind of beauty appear in these moments.

Like the sunlight breaking through the clouds it will dazzle in its magnificence.

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