The manifestation of a skill is a vehicle for understanding the expression of a thought or feeling that exists at a particular point in time.

The marvel exists in the questions that arise from that manifestation, the exploration of the ideas behind it, or the search to understand the work that has been brought to life through a specific ability.

Sometimes, the marvel can exist purely in the presence of a work, as a place of rest, with no need to ask, and no expectation of, questions.

In this way, manifestations of a skill can foster sincere connections and discourse with others, lead to a deeper understanding of the world around us, and perhaps ourselves, or they can provide respite.

The works that I produce are a reflection of the multi-layered nature of the experiences that we go through in life. I work in the following disciplines: music, poetry, painting, photography and video.

I continue to ask questions.

For this, I am grateful to God.


Current body of work: A Quiet Progression