Change is an inevitable part of life, and the process of change informs my artwork, both in terms of the mediums I use to create it and the subjects that I address in the work.

As my art evolves, I use different mediums to communicate my thoughts and observations about the world we live in: music, painting, digital and film photography, and writing.  However, music is the foundation of my creative process.

I trained privately in classical piano from the age of five, and I’m continually learning about music composition, painting, digital and film photography through self-directed study.

My career began in medicine, and I worked as a doctor full-time for five and a half years in and around London. After that, I worked as a clinical editor and new product development manager for a leading medical journal before becoming a freelance editor.

Along the way I decided to complete a Graduate Diploma in Law and the Legal Practice Course whilst teaching myself HTML and CSS so that I could build websites from scratch.

In addition to my artistic work, I freelance as a medical editor and writer, and I’m teaching myself the classical guitar and violin.