“The essence of who you are can never be borrowed, stolen, silenced or lost, for it belongs to a truth and a power greater than all that is of this world. The choice to rediscover what you thought was lost is within you, always. Through this gentle passage, back to the heart, there’s a quiet knowing and a simple joy in the realisation that you will make it home.”
Soolin Cottle


This is an excerpt from a video that I made about this series.

You can read more about the series and the music that I wrote and recorded for the video here.

About the Work


The experiences that we go through in life lead to a continual evolution of the mind and spirit. It is this process of constant change, along with a need to understand the inner workings of each life experience, that is pivotal to the creation of my work.


Music is at the heart of my creative process. The songs and instrumental works that I write not only express my interpretation of life experiences, but they are catalysts for the creation of my paintings and videos.


The work that I produce reflects my incessant curiosity about our inner world – the quiet place within us where dreams and hopes thrive, where the process of reconciling our internal and external worlds begins and where there is an acceptance of the continually changing nature of people and life itself.


There is much to learn.


Musician, composer, painter, photographer & writer.