Visualising Music: The Series

Most of the paintings and music that I’m currently working on are for my series,“Visualising Music.” About a month ago I decided to make a video about the series and what it involves.

I wrote a piece of music specifically for the video and recorded the vocal, piano, and some of the violin and classical guitar parts.

I’ve been teaching myself the violin since last year and the classical guitar for the last few months, with the help of some excellent online resources. I’m still very much a beginner, so I play the simpler violin and guitar passages when I record my music. However, being able to play different instruments has allowed me to experiment with different sounds and textures during the production process, which I enjoy immensely.

I’ve published a 30-second excerpt from the video here. In this excerpt you can see a grey underpainting. Once the underpainting is dry I then apply layers of colour.


About the Video & Music

Music: an original score (including drum notation) composed and arranged by me.
Recording: vocals, piano, additional violin and additional classical guitar parts performed by me.
Sketches and paintings in progress: by me (sketches not shown in this excerpt).
Video: filmed and edited by me.

For more information about the full-length video please contact me by email.