Life is a process of continual learning and change. Through every joy, trial and seemingly insurmountable heartbreak there are opportunities to develop genuine and enduring connections with others, understand more about ourselves and discover a deeper connection with God.

Some of the changes we go through in life are unexpected. They are jarring, and we recognise the effects they have on us because they often result in visible alterations in our external circumstances. Other changes are more gradual in nature, but they are by no means less significant. They are often quiet, hidden behind the routines of everyday life, but they usher in lasting and significant transformations in our personal evolution, which may pave the way for new life trajectories – the quiet progression.

Many life experiences involve an intricate interplay between our immediate, tangible perceptions of an event and our underlying intuition; the “gut feelings” that we sometimes dismiss as misconstructions with no rational basis. This innate “knowing” can generate new understandings about ourselves and the world around us. There may be no obvious changes to see on the outside, but you feel the effects of these experiences nonetheless.

“A Quiet Progression” is an overarching body of work through which I examine the multi-dimensional nature of these life experiences. The works I produce incorporate my music, paintings, photography and poetry. I have organised them into collections with underlying themes of connection, re-evaluation, transformation and renewal.

 A Quiet Progression – Prelude

(Selected works available to view).

A video preview is available below.



Dust in a River

Score (including lyrics & drum notation) composed, arranged & produced by me.
Vocal (solo & backing vocals), additional violin & additional classical guitar performances by me.


Dust in a River

Charcoal, pastel, acrylic, copper & zinc powder on paper by me.


35mm film photograph by me.


Filmed & edited by me.