A Land Not Seen

In the shelter of mountains, where hummingbirds sing and mists from an imperceptible time drift along in a silent procession that carries a long-forgotten wisdom, a new path was unfolding.

Not that this was entirely clear to her, amidst the life-altering events of the past few weeks, but there was definitely a marked shift in direction, steady and unyielding despite the confusion.

As she settled by the window to watch the colours of dusk fill the sky, her thoughts turned to the day’s events, full of warmth and the generosity of people who cared despite only knowing her for a few days.

The deliveries of fresh homemade bread, eggs from chickens roaming free on the surrounding land and vegetables grown in gardens that were deeply cared for – all of these things filled her heart with a hope for the future that, until now, had been extinguished by the cold winds of a previous life to which she had never belonged.

oil painting of eggs in a bowl
Oil painting by me

“We will need to live off the land for a long time now,” a neighbour said as they left the bread and eggs on her table.

Did she belong here? A place where life had brought her unexpectedly; where the kindness of strangers had caught her off-guard and the spirit of co-operation had made its presence known in quiet ways.

Yes, until the earnest call of a wayfaring life reached her again, this place could be a home.

Post written by me