Continuance—Finding The Story

imaginative oil painting of a ceramic urn, hummingbirds and flowers on linen on board
A recent oil painting

Continuance // Oil on linen on board // 30 x 40cm

What if you lived in a world that was far outside even the furthest reaches of the known spectrum of experiences?

How would you know who you truly are?

How would you move past self-doubt?

Where would you find peace?

Where would your spirit be free?

I don’t think the answers to these questions can be found in the outside world.

Mostly, that world either requires conformity with the “conventional” path or the “conventional unconventional” path (where you’re considered unconventional by the standards of the outside world, but it’s actually a misnomer of sorts because if you look closely enough, there are even “rules” about what is considered unconventional).

But what if you don’t fit into either of these paths?

Are you simply an anomaly, exiled to a land of “interesting perspectives,” a curiosity to be observed from a distance as mere entertainment and nothing more?

No, the answers cannot be found in the outside world.

There is a place, a beautiful, quiet and ethereal place within that holds the unbreakable threads of a vital story woven from your true potential.

A story that cannot be destroyed and will live on long after this life is complete.

Yet, we forget this story, distracted by the cacophonies of a life prescription that disregards any attempt to veer from its directions.

Despite this, little by little, pieces of wisdom make themselves known with a lustre that brings attention to those parts of you that live in peace, beauty and freedom.

They are guarded by a beauty of life that brings its own light, so you can discover your own story, guard it yourself and recognise your inherent value.