Morning Light

sunlight on a wall

As I was setting up to paint one morning the sunlight cast these beautiful patterns on the wall so I quickly mixed up some colours, made a value study and took a reference photo. I didn’t have long to paint because the light changed about five minutes after I started, but I also made some notes that I hope will help me to create more convincing light effects in my paintings.

The shadows were a little more blue in colour than the photo shows, and small spots of light with very soft edges were present within them. Some of the shadows had a light green/grey tone. The lighter areas were slightly more yellow in colour than they appear (they seem to have a predominantly rose tint in the photo, which, although present, wasn’t as strong). I particularly like the brighter patch of light to the right side of the photo that was nestling between the shadows created by the flowers and foliage. It adds a little sparkle that is quite intriguing.