Seeing design in nature: Pommecythere

a scan of a graphite drawing on paper of pommecyteres and their leaves

Spondias Dulcis // Pommecythere

On my travels I spotted this wonderful bunch of pommecyteres (also known as golden apples) whilst wandering around a garden. Their arrangement seemed so absolutely perfect and the elegant way in which the leaves draped around them immediately caught my attention—an example of nature’s perfect design.

I have discovered that this “new-to-me” fruit also makes a delicious compote with a taste somewhere between that of rhubarb and apple. It is a delicious accompaniment to homemade granola.

I’ve been drawing a lot more recently. The quietness and purity of the process—just you, the paper and the pencil—has been a much needed balm for the many changes that have happened over the last year.