Study: W/C May 31

These are some of the online tutorials and talks that I’ve watched this week:

Artist: Paul Ingbretson
Seeing, Drawing & Anatomy
Critique of a painting start

I’ve watched several of Mr Ingbretson’s videos and I have found them tremendously helpful. He has made many points about painting and art that have given me much to think about.

One of the things I’m aware of with my current imaginative paintings is that I haven’t quite managed to develop the sense of unity and depth in them that I’m looking for, particularly in terms of colour and value relationships. I am keen to explore the approach of starting a painting by working on the overall scene (as shown in the second video listed above) rather than doing a preliminary drawing first.

Artist: Huihan Liu
Lesson: Twilight in Tibet

This video shows part of a full lesson and an interview with Mr Liu. He gives a very thorough insight into his method for using several photos to create a composition.