Unconventionally Unconventional

queen anne's lace in a field

You live in a conventional world, do a conventional job, but you’re not conventional.

You have an interesting perspective on life

You’re eccentric.

You’re quirky

You’re different.

There is an “otherness” to you that was recognised by others long before you even knew.

Unable to settle in the places where others find comfort, you survived, for a time, by remaining hidden in the daily routines of what was expected.

But your differences remained resolute in their intention to call another existence to your attention.

Sometimes, these differences were pointed out by those around you, but they were more obvious in the interests that spoke to your heart.

Walking in wild grasses listening to the song of the wind, watching the beauty of a poppy as its petals sway gently in the breeze, drinking in the scent of sweet peas in the early morning sunlight — these quiet moments drew you in and revealed the places where your soul felt at peace.

pencil drawing of a poppy
Drawing by me

And as you follow these moments, you realise that, although you appear the same on the outside, the realms you are walking in have changed. You are moving past the linear constraints of the present mind. The differences that you felt kept you on the outside are the doorway to places where you can settle, if only for a little while.

The process of discovery will begin again.

Post written by me