Beauty & Truth

by Soolin Cottle

There is a beauty that exists far beyond what the material world and external mind can recognise.

It surpasses all definition and comprehension — in the stillness of solitude and quiet observation is where it’s perceived; it exists where the song of the wind travels through wild grasses, and in the seemingly effortless flight of birds as they glide gracefully across the sky.

For those whose work calls them to solitude, this beauty that exists in quiet spaces is clearly visible. It has a light that lives and breathes unhindered, and can hold its own irrespective of the judgements of the external world. Delicacy and softness, united with an enduring strength, are indicators of its presence.

I work to express this truth, as I perceive it, to the best of my ability.

There is much work to do.

Noticing the details that bring beauty and peace to life.

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